‘The objective of WCOA has always been to work and interact on a more personal level with the client. Clients who, such as myself, like to look ahead and engage with the current developments within the market. I offer my clientele the same service as, say, a boutique. Whereas my business serves the specific measurements and wishes of the client.’



‘I believe doing business emanates naturally. It has the same natural ease of how I meet people in life. My network is the basis. Mutual trust and shared success are the keys to a lasting and prosperous collaboration.


‘The ever changing real estate market, based on new consumer needs, requires a consultant to always look beyond and discover new opportunities.’


‘It is all about having an innovative approach to a market deal or to trace off market opportunities. This is where I see my added value as a real estate consultant. It yields more profit for my clients and is far more inspiring.’


‘Preparing the right deal can be compared to a striker who is ready to make a goal: always on the lookout for a rare opportunity, with a true sense of direction and the skills to score. My former experience as a striker (for the national hockeyteam) strongly resembles my current professionalism.’


‘WCOA serves both national and international clients, and prides itself to be an agile partner that has all the expertise in its network to succesfully execute projects in all its facets.’